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August 25, 2005  |  Snack caked for linkage  |  4173 hit(s)

My much-anticipated snack cake has arrived, as part of Jason Looney's Snack Cakes for Links program. In fact, it looks like it probably arrived earlier this week sometime, but I don't check my work mailbox very often. However, I'm not concerned about the freshness of the snack cake, since Hostess products (as I believe this is) have legendary staying power, so to speak.

As promised, the snack cake is signed, in this case on the opaque white wrapper favored by Jason for autographing. This puts me in a bit of a bind, because I would like to enjoy the snack cake after all the effort that has gone into getting it here. On the other hand, opening the autographed wrapper and removing the snack cake, to say nothing of actually consuming the snack cake, is apt to considerably lower the cake's value with respect to its eventual price on eBay. It's a dilemma. Well, as noted, it's not one I need to resolve any time soon, given that the snack cake will retain its current freshness (and level of edibility) for some time to come.

(Picture courtesy of my colleague Mark's cool cell phone.)

Snack Cake Roundup    (Jason Looney)
The Snack Cakes for Links program ended a little over a month ago and was a roaring success.  ...

Minh   26 Aug 05 - 9:42 AM

Hey! We all helped you get the cake. Don't we get a piece? ;-)

mike   26 Aug 05 - 9:56 AM

Alas, the rules explicitly say that to get a snack cake you must link to Jason's blog on your blog. I'm very sorry, but I'm afraid I can't go around those rules, as much as I'd like to ... the penalities for breaking the rules are quite severe.

Carrie   26 Aug 05 - 10:05 AM

Ah, now I see why you were in urgent need of a digital camera at work yesterday.

mike   26 Aug 05 - 10:13 AM

Yes, urgent. :-)

secretGeek   11 Dec 05 - 5:23 PM

i got mine on saturday! (it found its way to Australia!)

(hmmm. the comment quiz question was "What is seven divided by 0?" -- i hit f5, to try for an easier question and got "Prove the Riemman hypothesis." Damn this is gettin tricky!)

Jason Looney   22 Dec 05 - 1:00 AM

See how much more important you are than Leon the Secret Geek? You got your cake MONTHS before he his. (And I know the question you want to ask right now: Were they from the same box? Also: What is 5 added to 5? Here are your answers: How long do you think Ding Dongs last in my house? And, 10ish?)

Anyway, another fixed link: http://www.thelooneys.com/blogs/jason/archive/2005/08/01/snack_cakes_for_links.aspx