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January 28, 2009  |  Roundup  |  10587 hit(s)

You know what I wouldn't mind? A bit of sunshine. Wrong time (winter) in the wrong place (Seattle), I guess.

Fake reviews prompt Belkin apology. I guess I've just always assumed that some number of product reviews (and restaurant reviews) are by shills. (I'm usually most suspicious of the ones with the really, really bad grammar, haha.)

The #1 Song on this Date in History. What was the #1 song on the Billboard chart on the day that you were born? (Me, it was Elvis Presley, "Too Much.") [via Sarah] [18 Feb 2012: h/t to Rupert Charles for the updated link!]

What the Web knows about you. Check out the list in the sidebar of all the things the author was able to find about himself. [via ... just about everyone]

Facebook and list mania, aka "25 Things About Editors". John McIntyre's editor-specific take on the "25 things about me" meme that's been going around.

Broschat   28 Jan 09 - 1:40 PM

Wouldn't you know it? The #1 song when I was born was Heartaches...

Brian MacDonald   28 Jan 09 - 8:19 PM

I can say that none of the publishers I've worked for -- to my knowledge -- have ever condoned posting faked Amazon reviews. I've spoken with many authors who assumed that the marketing department not only posted good reviews of our books, but negative reviews of the competition. I know for a fact, though, that we were far too busy to do anything like that.