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May 13, 2014  |  Changes to the blog! Net effect? Zilch.  |  6833 hit(s)

Because I apparently don't have enough to do, gah, I took a notion recently to make updates to this blog. I had seen something somewhere about Google Fonts, which made me think about updating the typeface from the venerable Verdana that the blog has sported for the last 10 years.[1]

Making that change required messing about in the blog's stylesheet, and that got me to wondering about the ungodly awful table-based layout that I threw together 11 years ago. I experimented a bit with a 2-column, div-based layout until I got something reasonable working.

If you have feedback, by all means, leave me a comment.

And here it is. I only played with the main page, and I still need to do a lot of weeding and pruning in the style sheet. There's no real effect for readers, I don't think. As with the whole blog project from the beginning, it's all just been about me learning about web development ...

[1] Should you be wondering, you're now looking at Lato by Łukasz Dziedzic.

mike   16 May 14 - 6:29 AM

Well, so far it's a bit of a disaster for reading the updated blog layout on a phone. More work to do ...

Eric   19 May 14 - 6:40 AM

Chrome user here, I don't see any columns at all with the new layout.

All of the "webpart" divs inside "left" just display full-width, one on top of the next. (In the y-direction, not z, so everything is at least readable.)

I just have to scroll past your About, Most Visited, Categories, etc. to get to the actual blog posts.

Eric   19 May 14 - 6:42 AM

Ugh, scratch that, third time is the charm on force-refresh. Apparently my browser was just using a mix of your new and old style sheets.

mike   19 May 14 - 11:41 AM

Thanks for the comment. I am definitely still seeing the behavior you describe when I look at the blog through a keyhole, like on my phone. So there's still work to be done.

Do let me know what other problems you encounter. Div-based layout--and especially layout that's adaptive to screen size--is still pretty new to me.


DJ   12 Aug 14 - 1:58 PM

Nice choice, the text is easy to read.

To get it working better on mobile - just use a media query to target devices smaller than 700px(or whatever cutoff you want the mobile experience), collapse the left and right table cell and expand the center one to 100%.