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April 24, 2004  |  High School Reunion  |  1276 hit(s)

I stay in contact with just a few folks from my high school days[1], and word has come around that there will be a high school reunion this year. The shock of passing time: this will be my 30-year reunion. It hadn't registered with me after the turn of the year 2004 that it was reunion time again.

I'm not particularly sentimental about high school. It was ok while I was there; I got along fine as an unremarkable member of our 606-strong class. It was only much later, after I'd moved to a different part of the country in which I felt more at home, that I could look back and realize how out of place I'd felt among the people in our classic suburban neighborhood. (I was hardly the only one, of course.)

There are some people I would look forward to seeing again. But as I look through the list of people who have already RSVP'd, I barely recognize the names, so I can't say it's the "old friends" angle that businesses like Classmates.com like to advertise that is piquing my interest.

What does interest me is visiting Denver again. I left in 1979 and have been back exactly once since then. My friend Steve went to the 20-year reunion, and afterward he described the many ways in which Denver at large and our old neighborhood in particular had changed, which made me mildly regretful that I hadn't gone. So I'd like to go back and see the city and the growth it's gone through, and perhaps take the 70-mile drive up to Fort Collins, where I went to undergrad school.

I'm inviting Erica to come along, although I'm careful to be clear that the invitation is extremely optional for anything to do with the reunion itself. The one reunion I did attend, at 10 years, impressed upon me fiercely how utterly boring reunions are for the spouse or mate. But Erica, too, might find it interesting to poke around in the Mile-High City. Now that we're grownups, we could actually stay in a nice hotel and such, which would probably go a long ways toward making such a visit more enjoyable for her.

I haven't committed yet, but I'm leaning toward it. I'd have to check that I don't have some critical kid thing (work can take care of itself), though that's hard to imagine. Well, if airfares are obscene I'd hesitate. So I should probably go invesitage those right now.

[1] I've known my friend Steve since the first day of third grade, which makes it 39 years. Interesting, eh?